Ravi Wine Chiller
The Instant Wine Refresher!

Treat your wine with respect...drink it at its ideal temperature...within seconds!

The Ravi is the fastest wine chiller on the market today. Based on a unique and innovative

concept of cooling wine at the very moment it is served, the Ravi will cool your

wine within seconds. This means no more waiting or messy ice buckets to enjoy your


Why use the Ravi

Wine specialists and producers alike, agree. Red wines are often served too warm. The

alcohol tends to predominate, concealing the fruit of the wine. As a result, the wine

loses its balance and personality, making the consumption experience less enjoyable.

How does it work?

Ravi must be kept in the freezer so it is ready to go!

Insert the Ravi on the bottle and pour. The wine is chilled as it passes through

the stainless steel tube.

The air inlet allows you to manage the temperature drop. By covering it intermittingly

the flow of the wine slows down; the more time it spends in the Ravi, the colder it gets.






Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Ravi is a sleek, ergonomic, easy-to-use object drawn by well-known Québec designer Michel Dallaire. Simply place it on the neck of the wine bottle. Since not all wines are drunk at the same temperature, ravi has a valve that lets you control the flow of wine to obtain the desired temperature.